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Mary May Kincaid

What does Mary May Kincaid remember? She remembers her childhood. She remembers her son, her husband, a wedding. A day on the beach. And the girl with the red hair. She remembers the scent of lavender and mint. A wall, marked by bright spray paint. A conversation. A visit. Memories of days past, of places, of people, all churning about, overlapping. What does Mary May Kincaid remember? And how much can she hold on to?

Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards Finalist 2019

Hotel Lusoldo

Somewhere in the city is a hotel. It isn't flashy, doesn't draw attention to itself, doesn't advertise. Many pass it by without ever even seeing it. But on occasion a wandering soul will find their way into the lobby of Hotel Lusoldo. They will meet the courteous and accommodating staff who will relieve their burdens. Other guests will traipse by, all marvelous performers and artists of fields too numerous to count. And then these wanderers will decide if they wish to check into the hotel as well.

Write Michigan Short Story Contest Readers' Choice Published Finalist 2013

A Year and a Day

Three wishes were given. Two have been made. One yet remains. Lisa is returning to her hometown where years ago a spirit in the forest granted her what seemed to be a blessing and instead caused nothing but misery and pain. The shadow of this cursed boon still hangs over her as she tries to move forward with her life, but is pulled into her past at every corner. And at the edge of it all, the spirit is watching her, waiting for her final wish.

Part One of The Strange Mundane: A Triptych


A reimagination of the Ancient Greek tragedy Medea, setting the tale of revenge and murder in a modern day small town. The story beats remain the same as the original, following the story of Medea as she decides to take vengeance on Jason for his faithlessness and murders both his new wife and her own children. The entirety of the work takes place in a single room where Medea and other characters adapted from the play interact and discuss the tragic events unfolding.

Part Two of The Strange Mundane: A Triptych


Alice desperately needs a job. With an invalid mother to take care of, a brother who abandoned them years ago, and her savings account running dry, she takes work at a curious shop run by a man named Thurmond Cain. The employment is unconventional to say the least, and she soon comes to suspect that Cain is more sinister than he appears. He strikes strange deals, plays unusual games of chess, and the shop itself seems to shift day in and day out. As she continues, Alice must ask herself - what does she need?

Part Three of The Strange Mundane: A Triptych

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