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Dark Inspiration Webcomic

During my sophomore year at the University of Arizona, I decided to try my hand at writing a webcomic. The story was to center on figures from gothic literature such as Victor Frankenstein, Abraham Van Helsing, Dr. Moreau, and others, reimagining them together at an academy for scholastic pursuits. I hired DC comics artist Gabe Ostley to help me bring the comic to life and developed a basic Wordpress site to display it. Unfortunately, my attention was divided between the comic and my own academic studies, and I only managed to publish one full issue before the comic ending. The comic, such as it is, can be viewed on its original site by clicking the button below.


Review for Video Game: Hitman 2

A short sample review for the video game Hitman 2. Note that this review has not appeared in any web or print publications. I wrote it as a means to demonstrate the range of my writing abilities.

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