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The Phoenix: An Analysis of Dishonored 2

A brief analysis of Dishonored 2, touching on the themes of ascension, rebirth, and dealing with the past present in the game.

The Struggle for Freedom: An Analysis of Hollow Knight

A brief analysis of Hollow Knight, touching on the themes of freedom, difficulty, and perseverance present in the game.

Knowledge and Understanding: An Analysis of Prey (2017)

A brief analysis of Prey (2017), touching on the themes of knowledge, empathy, and compassion present in the game.

The Importance of Melancholy: An Analysis of Outer Wilds

A less formal analysis of Outer Wilds, touching on the themes of exploration, isolation, and cosmic indifference present in the game. This analysis is written in the first person and is more train-of-thought than other analyses on this page.

Understanding Art: An Analysis of The Witness

A brief analysis of The Witness, touching on the themes of artistic interpretation and environmental inspiration present in the game.

Mechanics as Storytelling: Hitman 2's Disguises

An analysis of how Hitman 2 tells a story using its disguise system.

Mechanics as Storytelling: Prey's Gloo Gun

An analysis of how Prey tells a story using the Gloo Gun.

Mechanics as Storytelling: Skyrim's Open World

An analysis of how Skyrim tells a story using an open world.

Mechanics as Storytelling: XCOM 2's Time Limits

An analysis of how XCOM 2 tells a story using time limits.

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